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Is Caribbean Cuisine the next food heading mainstream in the UK?

Updated: Jun 24, 2018

I went into a new restaurant in Nottingham City centre a few months back, it is classed as an international buffet restaurant. To my delight, there was a Caribbean section; it wasn't a large variety but it put a smile on my face. Nice to see something from home with all the other popular international cuisines.

I have heard of research and read articles stating world foods as the fastest growing area in the eating out sector, and some even said that Caribbean food is the one to watch for this year. Whilst this is no new cuisine to the UK, it has been making its mark in the UK with the best of the tropical taste coming to the fore. However, whilst some may be familiar with the heavier and starch rich side of the cuisine, chefs and street food operators are using unique flavour combinations that include spicy jerk, singly lime and fresh and fruity balances to showcase the healthier side of Caribbean cooking.

One could say this has been coming for a while now, since Levi Roots got into the supermarkets with his Jerk sauce. There are Caribbean restaurants in the city centres across the country, even though the food is not as authentic as the food serve by the small ones outside the city centre like Tropical Taste Caribbean Takeaway in Nottingham.

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