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Is Ital food becoming more vital than ever?

Vegan Breakfast with Juice

Many Jamaican dishes have meat or fish, but Ital cuisine is usually vegetarian or vegan. The term Ital derives from the English word 'vital' with the initial syllable replaced by the letter 'I' to signify unity with nature, this concept is common in the Rastafari Movement. Even though this diet is meant to be compulsory within Rastafarism, many other Jamaicans adopt this concept of cooking. The main goal of  Ital food is to promotes long life or increases the life energy believed to be within all living things. Therefore, food should be as natural and pure as possible.

I am not a Rasta, but I am a big fan in some of the lifestyle choices of the Ratafarian movement. Big Up to all the real Rastafarians that eat right.

Lion of Judah

Healthy food products have seem to be more popular than ever. Reports in 2014 state that 12% of UK adults are following a vegetarian or vegan diet. While millions more including myself are 'Flexitarian', cutting down on meat, whether be for environmental, health concerns or just need a change.

Nutritionists have told us that we need protein at every meal and should eat either meat, chicken, fish or tofu, eggs or cheese. The same nutritionists will say, the vegetarian diet is more likely to give an higher intake of antioxidants, fibre and other substances that have be been found to reduce cancer risk and protect the cardiovascular system.

Food is one of the joy of life, food is one of things that can put a smile on my face when I am sad. But as everything in life, moderation is key, give yourself a break sometimes from the meat and have some vegetarian dishes. The thing that is special with Caribbean Cuisine, the herbs and the spices make anything you try would be delicious. Here at Tropical Taste Caribbean Takeaway in Nottingam, we do what we called Ital soup three days of the week (Monday, Wednesday and Saturday). Its so popular with our customers, I remembered the first time one of the customer tried it and he was so shocked that it was so 'nice' without any meat. 

Ital soup @tropicaltastenotts
Vegetable Soup (red kidney beans)

Here at Topical Taste Caribbean Takeaway in Nottingham, we do caters for meat lovers, fish lovers, and Vegetarians.


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