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Jamaican Seafood Dishes to Die for

Recently, a friend of mine asked, out of the blue, 'what seafood I like to eat?'. I was lost for words to reply to his question, not because I don't like seafood but its the other extreme. I love seafood and have so many favourites in terms of the various dishes in Jamaica and what I have experienced aboard as well. This friend is not a Jamaican, so when he asked me what seafood I liked, my mind was just wondering on the beach back in Jamaica eating some Garlic Buttered Lobster with Bammy. After a bit of silent from my tropical thought, I replied, 'you know I like most seafood'. The truth is,  it would have been better if he asked me what seafood I don't like, he would have get  a less complicated answer. 

Seafood in Jamaica is so natural, fresh and tasty, being surrounded by the Caribbean sea with all those herbs and spices on the island.

 I have some many favourites, here are some of my favourite Jamaican Seafood Dishes, there are die for seafood lovers. 

Garlic Buttered Lobster with fried plantains and bammy.

Curry Prawns with white rice..

Experience some of these seafood dishes at Tropical Taste Caribbean Takeaway in Nottingham on every Fridays (Seafood Fridays). Reminds me of home (Jamaica), normally eat my seafood at Helshire Beach (Portmore) or at Gloria's (Port Royal).

Talking about Gloria's in Port Royal( Kingston), reminds me of the Friday evenings eating some of the best steamed fish I could remembered having. The restaurant is right by the sea, you have the choice to choose your fish before it cook (right size), sometime its still alive (fresh).

Here is another favourite of many, 'Steamed fish'.

Steamed fish @tropicaltastenotts
Steamed fish @tropicaltastenotts

See you soon at Tropical Taste Caribbean Takeaway in Nottingham.

Jamaica ...I will see you soon for my 2 weeks. 


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