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The Jamaican Patty is the Perfect Snack

Growing up in Jamaica, eating a patty is almost a daily routine for me. Whether having it on its own, with a ‘coco bread’ (bread roll) or two at once, it's really is the perfect snack. The Jamaican patty is an essential part of my homeland’s diet, and it is a go-to snack for so many, not just in Jamaica but many other places in the world including here in the UK. For who don’t know what is a Jamaican Patty, come to Tropical Taste Caribbean Takeaway, we do some good Jamaican patties. For who don't really know then I will tell you in a later post, just Google it or pop down the shop, you will like it, if you are in Nottingham.

Tropical Taste's Handmade Jamaican Patty
Tropical Taste's Handmade Jamaican Patty

There are loads of these hand-sized crusted delights. The most popular maybe beef patty or mutton patty, however, there are many other varieties such as; chicken, jerk, and fish. Patties are loved by many and there is one for everybody, including vegetarians, the veggie patty is very tasty as well.

Hot, steamy and delicious, patties are perhaps the number one go-to-food in Jamaica. It is fairly popular in the UK as well. It's in most of the supermarkets and the off licence shops, where they are sold them cold, Tesco has its own Jamaican Patty. But as I say before if you are in Nottingham, come try one of our Jamaican Patty at Tropical Taste.

So I already mentioned that they taste great, have many varieties, are easy to access. But they're well cheap too!!!!! It doesn't get much better than that.  You can eat a patty at anytime and anywhere. They are great for any function and are great for all ages.


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